Privacy And Policy

Policy Details, from time to time, frames the policy and methods as to how it collects the information from the Advertisers/ Merchants / Listers and uses it for publication on the website which is visible to all those who may visit the website.

This Privacy Policy discloses as to how uses and protects the information which it collects from the Advertisers/ Merchant/Listers for publication on the website. is, and will always remain committed to ensure the Privacy of all such information provided by the Advertisers/ Merchants/ Listers which is not required to be displayed on the website or which has not to be the part of classified &/or deals advertisement.

However, Bihar Bazar has no control and cannot restrict or prevent the users or visitors to the website from accessing the information displayed published on it.

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information related to our valuable customers is protected and maintained. reserves all the rights to add, amend or delete any part of this Privacy


1. Procedural points that outline our privacy policy:

a) Web Spider will identify the purposes for which personal and business information of the Advertiser/Lister is being collected. The information so collected will be used for fulfilling those purposes only.

b) We will collect information of the Advertiser/Lister only by lawful means.

c) We’ll share the collected information with the Advertiser/Lister. If required and where appropriate, the information will be used with the knowledge or consent of the Advertiser/Lister.

d) We’ll take every care that business and personal data of the Advertiser/.Lister is essential and relevant to the purposes for which it has to be used.

e) We’ll take every care that business and personal information of the Advertiser/Lister is correct, accurate and up-to- date to the best of our knowledge and belief.

f) We will take reasonable steps to protect the information by security safeguards against misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

2. Purpose for which we collect the information: is an Online Classified Company & to display on this website the classified ads and sale promotion offers of its customers who are business enterprises and service providers, it collects all such information which is necessary for this purpose.

3. Type of Information that we collect: Web Spider collects the following material information from its Advertisers/


a) Name & Address of the Business Enterprises or Service Providers.

b) Nature of business, products or services offered to the consumers.

c) Names of contact persons.

d) Complete contact details for the convenience of the users/consumers.

e) Postal Codes & other demographic information.

f) Any other information that may be related to the publication of the classifieds and is necessary.

4. How do we use this information?

Besides displaying the information on the website by way of classifieds & / or Deals/ or Sale Offers, the information so collected is used for the following purposes:

a) For our internal Data Base

b) For improving the quality of service we offer to the Advertisers & the End Users, both.

c) For customization of the Classifieds as per needs of the advertisers.

d) For sending SMS, E-mails, digital marketing and for posting on social websites namely Face Book, Twitter, Pintrest, Blogger, etc.

e) For the purpose to contact the Advertisers.

5. Use of Cookies:

We use certain cookies that help us monitor as to which of the web pages are useful and which require modifications in order to customize the web pages according to the specific needs of the advertisers. In any case, we do not have any access to the data that you do not want to share with us.

6. Protection against un-authortised use:

We are committed to protect and secure the information provided to us against any un- authorised use, misuse or illegal use.

7. Links & Hyper-Links:

The website also contains or may contain in future, certain links & hyper-links to the other websites. The sole purpose of providing such links is to enable the Advertisers visit the other website of interest. Those other websites are not covered under the Privacy Policy because we cannot exercise any control over the content information of those Third Party Websites.

8. Contents-Information is visible to the public:

This website can be visited and viewed by any person who so ever may like. There is no control over the website by way of Log On and Pass Word technique. Therefore, we cannot control or restrict any person from accessing or viewing the website. The content information published on this website is visible to all the visitors.